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Payments can be made by visiting the "Online Payments" page or at the Court during normal business hours, or via phone by calling Lexis Nexis at 1-866-895-0198.
General Information
Scott T. Howard
Chief Bailiff/Chief Probation Officer
Phone: 419.872.7927
Joanne Nicolosi
Probation Officer
Phone: 419.872.7929
Gabby Dugger
Probation Officer
Phone: 419.872.7932

The Probation Division provides supervision of offenders as ordered by the court. It also conducts pre-sentence and expungement investigations, makes referral to community based social service agencies, and coordinates restitution payment.

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General Conditions of Probation

You will pay a $50.00 probation services fee as a result of being placed on probation in the Perrysburg Municipal Court.

You will keep the Probation Department notified of your current address and phone number at all times. You must notify the Probation Department within seven (7) days of any address change.

You shall be a law-abiding citizen.

You will report to the Probation Department promptly at the time and date arranged.

You will not purchase, possess, sell, distribute, or use any controlled substance or drug paraphernalia except by the prescription of a licensed physician.

You shall abide by all rules or additional requirements established between you and the Probation Department as spelled out in any signed Probation Agreement form.

You have been sentenced to the Wood County Justice Center. Your jail sentence, or a portion thereof, has been suspended for now to give you the opportunity to prove that you can change your behavior and lead a law-abiding life. That opportunity is called probation. Probation is not a right; it is a privilege which the court is free to give or deny. Probation imposes rules upon you which you must obey. Your failure to do so will result in your return to court as a probation violator.

It is the duty of the Probation Department to require you to live by the conditions of probation. The Probation Department has the authority and responsibility to enforce the conditions of probation and to notify the court of any violations of these conditions. The judge may order a warrant for your arrest if he has reason to believe that you have violated any condition of your probation.

You are hereby advised that the court may, at any time, revoke the privilege of probation for good cause, modify the conditions of your probation, or extend the period of probation. If your probation is revoked, the original jail sentence may be imposed and you will be committed to the Wood County Justice Center.

Electronic Monitoring (House Arrest)

The offender wears an ankle transmitter 24 hours a day and is monitored by electronic surveillance equipment through your phone line to monitor your presence and/or absence from your home confinement area. Approved leave time is granted in advance by the EM staff (provided the proper verification has been supplied) for employment, treatment, medical appointments, court hearings, or other reasonable pursuits that enhance the overall rehabilitation plan.

Every offender must comply with all terms and conditions of the EM program. Offenders may not consume alcohol or illegal drugs while on EM. Prior to entering the EM program the offender must provide a clean urine drug screen. The cost of drug testing is $5.00 per substance tested for. The offender will be tested at random while in the program.

Any non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the EM program will result in arrest and immediate incarceration in the Wood County Justice Center. All EM related fees paid are non-refundable.

Ignition Interlock - FAQ
What is the Guardian Interlock system?
The Guardian Interlock system is an alcohol detection device that is connected to your vehicle's ignition system. Each time you start your car you must first blow into the handset so that it can test for alcohol on your breath. If you pass the test, you can start the car. If you do not pass the test, your car will not start.
What is the Guardian Interlock Responsible Driver Program?
The Guardian Interlock Responsible Driver Program can help you become a more responsible driver and keeps the court informed of your progress. Usually, participating in the program is a condition of your probation or a requirement to get your license back. To enroll in the program you must usually follow these steps:
  • You are notified by either the court or the state that you are required to have an interlock installed on your vehicle.
  • Next, you call the Guardian Interlock Service Center nearest you to make an appointment. Installation can be done at a time convenient to you during our business hours.
  • At the time of installation, a Guardian Interlock service technician teaches you how to use the system properly.
  • Finally, you are required to report to the Guardian Interlock Service Center at specific times so that the unit can be inspected and your progress reported to the court or the state.
Is the Guardian Interlock difficult to use?
Learning to use the Guardian Interlock is not difficult. At your installation appointment you will be fully trained by the service technician and will have the opportunity to practice on a demonstrator unit and your own unit. After a few days, using the system will become second nature, no more inconvenient than buckling your seat belt.
What if someone else wants to drive my car?
Any family member who uses your car should come with you when the system is first installed. They will be instructed on the use of the interlock. If it is more convenient, family members can make an appointment for training at a later date.
Will the Guardian Interlock system work in my car?
The system is designed to work in all cars and trucks. As an additional service, your vehicle's electrical system is tested to ensure that it works properly. In the event that the electrical system needs repair, work must be completed before the system can be installed.
Can it affect my car?
No. The Guardian Interlock system is designed to interfere with your vehicle's operation as little as possible. Your vehicle will be returned to "normal" at the time the system is removed.
Can I cheat the system?
Not without being caught. Your system keeps a record of every transaction you have with your interlock along with the date, time and alcohol level. It can also be set to require a random retest after you start you car. If this retest is failed or refused, or if the unit detects that the car is running and no breath test has been given, it resets is internal calendar, requiring you to return to the service center early. This activity is then reported to the authorities and a reset fee is charged by the service center.
What is the rolling retest and will it shut off my car?
The rolling retest is a device used to ensure that the driver of the car is not drinking and driving. It requires a random test as you drive down the road (after the initial test is passed and the car is started). The interlock cannot shut off your car. If this test is failed or refused it will cause your lights to flash and your horn to honk until you pull over and turn the car off. The interlock then resets its internal calendar requiring you to report back the service center early.
Is the Interlock alcohol specific?
In order to offer you the lowest cost unit in the country we have chosen not to make the Guardian Interlock alcohol specific. Your service technician will cover the do's and don'ts of the system that will make it hassle free.
Will my car start if I have been drinking?
When your system is installed, the service technician will explain to you the alcohol settings for your assigned system and the different conditions that can cause you to fail the breath test.
What if I cannot get my car started?
First review your operating guide that you will receive at the time of installation. If that does not clear up the problem, call your local service center.
What are the benefits of participating in the Guardian Interlock Responsible Driver Program?
Most participants in the program are on probation for one or more drinking and driving offenses. Offenders who want to help monitor themselves and who agree to participate in the Guardian Interlock Responsible Driver Program are permitted privileges that the court may not otherwise be inclined to grant. Officials are responding very positively to offenders who choose to participate in this program. They recognize that the Guardian Interlock Responsible Driver Program can help you to drive responsibly. It may even keep you from repeating your offense.
Can you provide a list of Guardian Interlock installers that are local to the Perrysburg area?
Guardian Ignition Interlock Services
Lange's Automotive
825 Ford Street
Maumee, Ohio 43537
419.897.9988; Fax 419.897.9974

Smart Start Bowling Green
Sockman Automotive
425 Grant Street
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Toll Free: 1.800.880.3394

Smart Start Fremont
Smart Start Ohio
423 Tiffin Street
Fremont, OH 43420
Toll Free: 1.800.880.3394

Smart Start Toledo
3343 N. Holland Sylvania Road
Toledo, Ohio 43615
Toll Free: 1.800.880.3394