Perrysburg Municipal Court

Judge Aram Matthew Ohanian

Scott T. HowardChief Bailiff / Chief Probation Officer / Court Administrator Carrie L. MancusoClerk of Court


300 Walnut Street
Perrysburg, OH 43551


Court: 419.872.7900
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8:00 am - 4:30 pm
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Payments can be made by visiting the "Online Payments" page or at the Court during normal business hours, or via phone by calling Lexis Nexis at 1-866-895-0198.
General Information
Phone: 419.872.7909
Fax: 419.872.7905

Criminal violations must have taken place within the geographic jurisdiction of this court. The geographic jurisdiction of the Perrysburg Municipal Court covers the cities of Perrysburg, Rossford, and Northwood; the townships of Perrysburg, Lake, and Troy; and the villages of Luckey, Millbury, and Walbridge.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to appear in court?
If you have a waiverable offense, as indicated by the pay-out schedule, you can admit guilt and pay fines and court costs by mail or in person without having to appear before the judge.
How much are my fine and court costs?
See the pay-out schedule. If you still have questions, call the Criminal Division at 419.872.7909.
Do I need an attorney?
If jail is a possible sentence, you should probably have an attorney, but you are not required to have attorney representation. If you are unable to afford an attorney, one may be appointed for you.
I need a different court date.
Please contact the court to discuss your options for requesting a different court date. The Clerk's Office can be reached at 419-872-7909.
Will my fine be different if I appear in court? How do I know how much money to bring?
The judge determines the fine amount in court depending on the nature of the offense and any prior record. The judge reviews the records, listens to your comments, and bases his decision on all the information given.

If you do not have the funds to pay your fines/costs on the day of your appearance please speak to a deputy clerk to arrange a payment plan.

If you plead not guilty, go to trial, and are found guilty, there may be additional costs incurred for subpoenas, witness fees, etc. These fees are in addition to the minimum $83.00 costs.
What happens if I miss my court date?
Failure to appear in court as required will result in the following actions:

A warrant for your arrest for failure to appear may be issued. You will be required to post a bond, if you are subsequently arrested.

The court will notify the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles of your failure to appear. The BMV will withhold the issuance or renewal of your driver's license and registration, and suspend your driving privileges.
What are the different possible hearings?
Arraignment - Explanation of your rights and the charges, entering a plea.

Pre-Trial Hearing - A conference between parties (prosecutor and defendant or attorney for the defendant) regarding the issues of the case.

Trial - The examination of the evidence and the decisions of the issues of law by a judge or jury to determine guilt or innocence.
What should I expect at my trial?
A trial is a proceeding in which the Prosecutor and/or the State of Ohio will try to convince the court that you have committed the criminal violation with which you have been charged. The prosecutor is required to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

You should arrive at court several minutes prior to your scheduled appearance time. Sign-in as soon as you exit the elevator, then wait until your case is called.

Please be prepared to spend several hours at court on the day that you appear. While the court makes every effort to move its docket swiftly, cases are scheduled closely together and there are often delays.
Can I bring in statements from witnesses?
The court will not consider affidavits or other written statements. If you want the court to hear rom a witness, they must be present.
How do I get a witness to come to court?
If you want a witness to come to court and they refuse to come voluntarily, several days prior to trial you must ask the court to issue a subpoena compelling appearance.
Posting Bail - FAQ
Domestic Violence Bail Restrictions
Bail may NOT be posted for a defendant charged with domestic violence, by a victim or any member of the victim's family.
What is Bail and When is it Posted?
The purpose of posting bond is to assure the people charged with offenses appear in court as scheduled. Although "bond" or "bail" is usually an amount of money, it can also be the person's guarantee or recognizance that he/she will appear. Conditions of bond can be imposed by the judge, restricting contact with victims or witnesses, electronic monitoring (house arrest), and various other conditions by order of the court.

Bond is set one of two ways: 1) a predetermined amount based upon the court's misdemeanor bond schedule for the offense charged, or 2) by the judge if a felony offense is charged. If the person is charged with a misdemeanor offense, a predetermined bond amount will be set and you may post bond at any time after the person has been booked into jail. In cases involving a felony offense, the arresting law enforcement agency will contact the judge to set bond (felony bond is set within 48 hours of arrest).
Where is Bail Posted?
Bail bonds may be posted 24 hours a day. Payment can be made by cash, certified check (made payable to Perrysburg Municipal Court), Visa, or MasterCard. If paying by credit card, the cardholder must be present.

Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. bond may be posted at the Perrysburg Municipal Court, Traffic/Criminal Division, at 300 Walnut Street, Perrysburg, Ohio; 419.872.7909.

If the court is closed, bond may be posted at the City of Perrysburg Police Division, 330 Walnut Street, Perrysburg, Ohio; 419.872.8001. Or at the Lake Township Police Department, 27975 Cummings Road, Millbury, Ohio; 419.838.6651.
Different Types of Bonds
Recognizance Bond - Sometimes referred to as an "O R bond", this bond only requires the person who is charged with the offense to sign bond papers that are completed by the court. No other collateral is posted. Failure to appear for all future court dates under a recognizance bond is punishable by six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine, regardless of the outcome of the original charge.

10% Cash Bond - This type of bond requires only 10% of the full amount of the bond to be posted. For example, if a $2,000 appearance bond is set, you will need to post $200 with the court for release of the defendant. If the person charged with the offense attends all court appearances, 90% of the money posted will be returned. In the above example, you would receive a refund check for $180. If, however, the defendant misses a court appearance, you would be liable for the remainder of the bond set and the court would render a judgment against you. In this example, you would owe the court $1,800.

Cash Bond* - You must post the entire amount of the bond that has been set before the defendant may be released. If the defendant attends all court hearings, the court will return all of the money posted for bail to you. If the defendant fails to appear, you will lose the money you posted.

Surety Bond* - This bond requires the posting of a surety power from an insurance company that guarantees the full amount of the bond will be paid in the event the defendant does not appear for a scheduled court hearing. Bonding companies and bailsmen are neither agents nor employees of the court. Bonding companies can be found by looking in the yellow pages of the telephone book under "Bail". The court cannot recommend a bonding company to you. The fee a bonding company charges is typically 10% of the bond that is set.

*Note - The judge sets bond as either cash or surety, thus giving the option of posting either.

When Will They Get Out of Jail?
Once bond is posted, the jail is sent a release form. The physical release of the prisoner is now the responsibility of the Wood County Sheriff's Department. Generally, release can be a lengthy process. You may call the Wood County Justice Center at 419.354.7744.
What Happens Next?
If the person has been charged with a misdemeanor case, the case will continue to be heard in this court and the defendant will receive notice of his/her next court date.

Felony cases, however, will be scheduled for a preliminary hearing. At the preliminary hearing one of two things can happen. Either the case will be dismissed or it will be bound over to the Wood County Common Pleas Court. If the case is bound over, it continues (including bond) and new hearings will be set in common pleas court. If the case is dismissed in municipal court, everything (including bond) is treated accordingly. However, you should be aware that the grand jury could indict the defendant on the same charges and the case would begin anew in common pleas court.
How Do I Get My Bail Money Back?
Bond is held until the case has been disposed of or upon order of the judge. Bond can only be refunded to the individual who posted it, to the person whose name appears on the bond receipt. If the bond receipt is in the defendant's name, the money may be applied to payment of fines and costs. If the bond receipt is in another person's name, that person may authorize the court, in writing, to allow the bond to be applied to the payment of defendant's fines and costs. For your convenience, you have the option of receiving your bond refund either by mail or in person. To receive a refund in person, you must present photo identification.
Pay-Out Schedule

If the violator wishes to dispose of a case with an outstanding and computerized bench or state warrant through the minor misdemeanor procedure, an additional $25.00 court cost shall be added to the pay-out.

A. Fishing Offenses Pay-Out
Possession of one snagged fish
Additional Orders: Snagged fish ordered confiscated and disposed of in accordance with Ohio law.
Fishing with illegal hooks or by illegal means
Additional Orders: Fish caught with hooks ordered confiscated.
Fishing after hours or out of season
Additional Orders: Fish caught during illegal hours or out of season ordered confiscated.
No resident fishing license
Additional Orders: Deduct $5.00 from fine if offender presents to Clerk proof of obtaining a valid Ohio resident fishing license at time of payment.
No non-resident fishing license
Additional Orders: Deduct $10.00 from fine if offender presents to Clerk written proof of obtaining a valid current Ohio non-resident fishing license at time of payment.
Failure to display valid fishing license $127.00
Over limit - one fish $137.00
Each additional fish $20.00
** plus restitution charge itemized below  
B. Hunting Offenses Pay-Out
Using untagged traps
Additional Orders: Animal ordered confiscated and disposed of in accordance with Ohio law.
Hunting fowl, muskrats, or rabbits after hours or out of season
Additional Orders: Animal ordered confiscated and disposed of in accordance with Ohio law.
No resident hunting license
Additional Orders: Deduct $5.00 from fine if offender presents to Clerk written proof of obtaining a valid current Ohio resident hunting license at time of payment.
No non-resident hunting license
Additional Orders: Deduct $10.00 from fine if offender presents to Clerk written proof of obtaining a valid current Ohio non-resident hunting license at time of payment.
** plus restitution charge itemized below  
C. Watercraft Offenses Pay-Out
No valid watercraft registration Additional Orders: Deduct $10.00 from fine if offender presents to Clerk written proof of obtaining a valid current watercraft registration at time of payment. $143.00
Failure to comply with safety equipment regulations for boats $138.00
Failure to comply with lighting regulations for boats $133.00
D. Disorderly Conduct (no persistency) MM Offenses Pay-Out
1st offense within one year $233.00
2nd offense or more within one year $303.00
E. Littering Offenses Pay-Out
Illegal refuse disposal consisting of one item of refuse only  
1st offense only $233.00
2nd offense or more $303.00
F. Open Container Offenses Pay-Out
1st offense within one year $233.00
2nd offense within one year $303.00
3rd offense or more within one year $373.00
G. Trailer Registration Offenses Pay-Out
Failure to register house trailer (R.C. 4503.061)  
1st offense within three years $233.00**
2nd offense within three years $268.00**
3rd offense within three years $303.00**
** Additional Orders: Deduct $15.00 from fine if offender presents to Clerk written proof of having made a current valid Ohio trailer registration at time of payment.  
H. Dog Offenses Pay-Out
Failure to register dog (R.C. 955.21)  
1st offense $183.00**
2nd offense $228.00**
3rd offense or more court appearance required
** Deduct $5.00 from fine if offender presents to Clerk written proof of having obtained a current valid Ohio dog license at time of pay-out.  
Confinement of dogs (R.C. 955.22)  
1st offense $183.00
2nd offense $228.00
3rd offense of more court appearance required
I. Drug Abuse Offenses Pay-Out
Possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana (R.C. 2925.11)  
1st offense within one year $233.00
Additional: 6 month license suspension if court ordered  
2nd offense within one year $303.00
Additional: 6 month license suspension if court ordered  
3rd offense within one year or if damage is inflicted upon a victim in order to determine restitution court appearance mandatory
J. Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) Offenses  
The following pay-out schedules shall be effective provided all of the following conditions are met:
  1. The offender has not committed a PUCO offense during the year immediately preceding the date of the cited violation; and
  2. The complainant has not set out on the face of the complaint, words to the effect that the offender's personal appearance is required or aggravated circumstances are present.
Offenses - All Carriers
  1. Operating in contravention of governmental authority: $228.00
    1. Failure to register with ICC of PUCO
    2. Improperly registered
    3. No authority from ICC or PUCO
    4. Certificate of permit suspended or revoked
    5. Violation of permit and certificate terms (restrictions, permit or territory, commodities, or hauling for non-listed shipper)
  2. No insurance on file: $178.00
  3. Violation of hazardous materials statutes, rules, and regulations [other than (a) above]: $153.00
  4. Other carrier violations (including highway use tax offense by first time offender only): $143.00
  1. Special pay-out schedules for the offenses listed above (A through J) shall supersede the general pay-out assessment detailed below.
  2. In the event that any other charges are imposed upon offender by statute, regulation, or rule, which are independent of, and in addition to the penalties set out as pay-outs hereunder, such additional charges shall be assessed against the offender and collected by the Clerk.
  3. Restitution charge for a violation of any section of R.C. Chapter 1531, governing the holding, taking, or possession of wild animals, upon a conviction or plea of guilty to such offense, per R.C. 1531.99:
    1. Each whitetail deer: $423.00
    2. Each fur-bearing animal: $73.00
    3. Each game bird: $73.00
    4. Each non game bird: $48.00
    5. Each eagle: $1,023.00
    6. Each osprey: $773.00
    7. Each hawk or owl: $123.00
    8. Each fish: $33.00
    9. Each wild turkey: $323.00
    10. Each endangered or threatened species: $773.00
    11. Each other wild animal: $98.00
  4. The foregoing pay-out schedules are applicable only to individual offenders and not to organizations as defined in R.C. 2901.01(B)(1)(a).

The general pay-out amounts for any minor misdemeanor not specified above shall be:


Enforcement of warrants for arrest is solely the responsibility of law enforcement agencies. Individuals with information regarding the current whereabouts or address of an individual who is the subject of a warrant are asked to contact the following:

These agencies will investigate the matter to determine if there is a valid warrant for the individual concerned and whether this is the individual named in the warrant. Other factors involved include jurisdiction, distance, and age of the offense/warrant. Individuals should never attempt to enforce a warrant themselves.

If you learn that you have a warrant for your arrest issued by this court, contact the court immediately at 419.872.7925. Many times the warrant can be withdrawn when you schedule a date to appear before the judge.